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Chicken Tinola Filipino Recipe

How to Cook and Enjoy a
Chicken Tinola Filipino Recipe

Chicken Tinola Filipino Recipe

A typical meal in the Philippines is not complete without a bowl of hot soup. It goes best with rice and whatever viand you have, or it can be eaten by itself as the main dish, for nothing beats a steaming bowl of soup.

This very easy to prepare, affordable and delicious soup is very aromatic  because of the addition of the spicy ginger. In the northern part of the country, tinola refers to a chicken soup preparation with green papayas and chili leaves. They call it Tinolang Manok.

We used chicken breast and thigh without its skin. We make it a point that we cook healthy food. But we can guarantee you that even without its skin, you can still taste the savor and ginger tasting tinola of the tinolang manok. Masarap talaga as usual!

Chicken Tinola Filipino Recipe INGREDIENTS!


1 Kilo (1.6 lbs) Chicken (breast and thigh)

1 Medium sized onion, sliced

3 Cloves of Garlic

1 thumb sized ginger, sliced

1 bundle Spinach

3 Tbsp Patis (Fish Sauce)

1 Unriped Papaya (sliced)

1 red bell pepper, sliced (optional)

3 Cups of Water

Cooking Oil for Sauteeing

Optional (Chicken Cube)

Chicken Tinola Filipino Recipe

1. Put oil on a heated pan

2. Sautee' ginger, garlic and onion

3. Add chicken and fish sauce

4. Add water, cover pan and bring it more to boil, then simmer a little bit

5. Add the sliced unriped papaya

6. After about 30 minutes, your chicken should be cooked, you can now add your spinach; bring it to boil for another 2 minutes!

7. Add salt and pepper to taste 

8. Add chicken cube (optional!)

8. Serve with white rice and fried fish! yummy!

In the southern part of the country, a very popular fish soup is called Tinolang Isda. This very easy to prepare, affordable and delicious soup is very aromatic  because of the addition of the spicy ginger. We have a recipe for Tinolang Isda!



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