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How to Fry Bulad Besugo Pinikas Dried Fish for Crunchier Taste

How to Fry Bulad Besugo Pinikas Dried Fish for Crunchier Taste

Many of us doesn't really know the real secret on how to make or fry the Bulad Besugo Pinikas Dried Fish. In Bisaya, we also call this "pinikas na buwad" or "pinikas na bulad". "besugo" in Tagalog! This is the kind of dried fish that I can not resist! I love it so much that I can have it every day for breakfast!

It is best serve with fried rice, or plain white rice with eggs. 

Because the bulad besugo pinikas dried fish can be too salty, you can wash it firsh through a running water before you fry it. I wash it first before I fry it! So it's really up to to you.

What you need is a pack of bulad besugo pinikas dried fish and of course, cooking oil fr frying!

Here's another tip, if you don't like the smell please choose to fry it at your backyard. I am telling, your curtains might smell bulad besugo pinikas dried fish if you fry it inside your house.

Make sure your frying pan is deep and your heat must be in "high" setting. 

When the oil is really hot already - fry your bulad besugo pinikas dried fish in to the pan and lower the heat to medium.

When its brown and you can feel it (using your turner) that the besugo is crunchy, take it out and drain the oil. You can drain the oil by putting a paper towel on the serving plate or you can use a strainer.

Serve bulad besugo pinikas dried fish with your favorite kind of rice, don't forget the eggs! Yummy!

Mabuhay po kayo!

Here's video we prepared for you!

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